Why Wait to Drink?

Many people in this country feel the drinking age should be lowered to 18. At Tri 21, we don’t believe this. There are many reasons why 21 is a good drinking age, and there are many reasons why teenagers should wait until they are 21 to partake in alcoholic beverages.

Your brain is not done developing.

Scientists are now saying that your brain isn’t fully developed until age 25. Your brain actually changes if you drink underage. Studies have shown that adolescents who participate in heavy drinking will have smaller prefontal lobes than those who do not drink.

Drinking as a teen is much more dangerous than drinking as an adult.

Research shows that teens do not handle alcohol well and are twice as likely to not know when to stop and overdo it. This can be extremely dangerous. Not that anyone should ever drive drunk, but teens are already inexperienced drivers, and when alcohol is introduced, it can be a deadly combination.

There are many more issues with drinking in Europe where teens drink at an earlier age than there are in the United States.

There is a myth that Europeans do not have as many underage drinking issues. This is just a myth. Research shows that there is much more underage drunkenness, school problems, injury, and rape due to teenage drinking.

Underage drinkers are more likely to develop a dependence on alcohol.

Addiction to alcohol is a very serious thing. Many rehabilitation centers and recovery programs exist to treat this issue (like Alcoholics Anonymous, for example). If you avoid underage drinking, you will be more likely to learn how to drink with moderation and responsibility in the future.

If you are a teen who has a drinking problem, many of these support groups, recovery programs, and rehabilitation centers do have programs just for teens. It’s important that you get the help that you need.

Creating good habits as a teenager will help you have good habits as an adult.

If you are a productive and creative teen who participates in activities like playing a musical instrument, painting, reading, or writing, you will be more likely to cultivate a well-rounded and well-balanced life. Here at the Tri 21 center, we offer many different activities for all teenagers.

It’s okay if you are a teenager who has already tried drinking. You don’t need to keep drinking. Our center is a resource for all teens who want to be sober, not just those who have never had a drink.